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Interactive Art Installation Opens in Paris

Scott G. Sink

As the senior executive vice president for the energy division of insurance brokerage firm McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc., risk management specialist Scott G. Sink oversees insurance programs designed for gas and power companies and manages a staff of 60. Outside of his professional life, Scott G. Sink is a frequent traveler and enjoys going on family vacations to popular European destinations such as Athens, Rome, and Paris.

In April 2018, the artspace Atelier Des Lumieres (Studio of Lights) opened in Paris. In its inaugural exhibition, the work of Austrian artists such as Gustav Klimt is projected onto every surface of the studio's 35,000-square-foot interior.

The show combines the visuals generated by 140 laser projectors with music from a state of the art audio system to submerge visitors in a full sensory experience. The digital exhibition will run at the Atelier Des Lumieres until early November 2018.
The immersive art show was created by an arts organization from southern France called Culturespaces. The group's first show in 2012 featured the work of Marc Chagall and drew over 600,000 visitors.

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